New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may be the greatest NFL coach ever based on his winning Super Bowls in today’s NFL filled with constant rule changes and free agency. Belichick’s mantra comes down to 3 words “Do Your Job.” You see it uttered over and over by the head coach on highlight films going back to the nineties.

That motto could have been used by the team the Patriots were facing this past Sunday when towards the end of the game, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. caught what he thought was a touchdown from Eli Manning. The touchdown probably would have given the Giants the win, but before Beckham Jr. could complete the machinations of the catch, the ball was knocked out of his hands by Patriots corner Malcolm Butler. Butler, you may remember, as the hero who intercepted Seattle’s Russell Wilson to end last year's Super Bowl and seal another trophy for the Patriots.

Beckham’s explanation? He didn’t know the rules.

It was just about a month ago Giants defensive end Damontre Moore may have cost the Giants the game against the Eagles when a roughing the passer call against him put the Eagles offense back on the field. The Eagles would eventually go on to score and win the game by a score of 27-7. Moore's explanation? He didn’t know the rules.

Maybe it’s time for giants head coach Tom Coughlin to take a page out of legendary NFL head coach Vince Lombardi’s playbook. Lombardi once took it down to the very basics. The coach stood in front of his team and said ‘Gentlemen, this is a football,” to which receiver Max McGee quipped “Slow down coach, you’re going too fast”