No matter what happens in Sunday's Giants-Redskins game, Big Blue is going to the playoffs as the fifth seed. That being said, the Giants need to win that game.

There have been those who say head coach Ben McAdoo should rest his players in order to avoid the risk of them getting injured. If you're scared, get a dog. Like Herman Edwards says, "you play to win the games." Of course this is the same Herman Edwards to recovered the fumble in the original "Miracle Of The Meadowlands" that began a turnaround that finally resulted in a Giants Super Bowl victory in 1987 but he's right.

First off, resting the players sends a bad message to the team. Losing a game should never be acceptable in the National Football League, not at the prices fans who attend the game are paying. Secondly, losing could put the Redskins into the post season which is something you never want to do with a division rival especially one that you lost to early in the season. Third and most important, these Giants need to work on their offense. Eli Manning is having a down year and they need all the reps they can to get in sync.

In 2007 with the Giants guaranteed a playoff spot, Coach Tom Coughlin elected not to rest his team against the undefeated New England Patriots. It was in that game which the led before losing 38-35 that they realized they could actually beat them later of course they did.

As much as everyone wants to compare this giants team to those two championship teams of 2007-2011, all you need  for a reality check to to look back at last Thursday night loss to the Eagles. These Giants need to go into the playoffs with the momentum of winning and hopefully an offense clicking on all cylinders. There will be plenty of time to rest when the season is over. Hopefully in February!

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