The CEO of United Airlines says no one will be fired for physically throwing a passenger off their plane after he refused to leave. CEO Oscar Munoz says he will take full responsibility for making this right. My question is: what did they do that was wrong?

First off, when you buy a ticket, you're actually not guaranteed a seat of the plane. Secondly, the airline has a right to bump you if they so choose. I'm not arguing whether they're right or wrong, just that they can and that they make you aware of this by putting it on either the ticket or the website.

In this situation, Dr. Dao refused to leave the plane and after trying (unsuccessfully) to get him to leave, they removed him. How they did it was his call as he really didn't leave them any choice.

United says they are no longer going to bring police in. So then what do you do if you're the airlines and a passenger simply refuses to leave the plane no matter how much you're asking nicely. It seems to me physical removal is inevitable and who better to do it than trained police?

This whole story seems like a case of "buyer beware." We now know if we didn't before that when we buy an airline ticket, we're not going to be guaranteed a seat. In most cases the airlines will try to make it up to you in some way. But you're really taking your chances being belligerent with airport security in a post 9/11 world.

As for who will or won't fly United, if you're getting the best deal with them, you are and if not, then you're not. In some cases and destinations, you  really don't have much of a choice.

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