So your just finishing up Thanksgiving dinner. You're in the process of digesting enough food to feed you for a week that you swallowed whole because it's the holidays. Instead of going to sleep, you get all bundled up, grab your handy dandy credit card, get in the car and head towards your nearest outlet or mall.

Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier each year. Black Friday 2011 is actually going to start for most retailers at about 10pm Thursday night! Some are starting earlier, some later, but the norm this year is 10pm on Thanksgiving night. If you would rather watch some football or take a nap, there is an alternative.


Relax. Spend time with your family. Enjoy time off of work. Wait until Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is Black Friday, but for online shopping. You can still get all of your holiday shopping done, using that same credit card, but on your own time.

Last year, Cyber Monday was the biggest holiday online shopping day of the year. How much was spent? $1.028 billion. This added day of great sales began back in 2005. It took a while for it to catch on, check out this Business Week article, which is a review of the first ever Cyber Monday. It basically tells the reader that it's a marketing ploy and that there is really nothing significant about the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

Our own will also have great Black Friday specials for you as well from all over New Jersey.

Do your research. Go to the websites of your favorite retailers and see what they have coming up. You can also go to and check out pages upon pages of deals.

Which would you prefer to do?