We should end the school year at Memorial Day.

This plan could change the economic model of the Jersey shore by adding four weeks to the summer season. It would be a business driver — greatly enhancing revenue, which the state desperately needs.

If you took all the excess out of the schools we could easily find the time to make this happen. I think teachers would be the most appreciative of this. Keep the teachers accountable for their lesson plans, but tighten up the day.

Letting kids out of school earlier would give them more of an opportunity to get summer jobs and learn trades. Kids need more life experiences — and by getting jobs earlier in life, they can learn what they want to do in their careers. Whether that's working for a landscaper, working at one of Jersey's boardwalks or otherwise, there's no reason why a 13-year-old couldn't get some valuable work experience.

One caller, who is a working mom on a tight budget, told me Monday she's opposed to my idea because she is afraid of the costs associated with extra summer care for her kids. I get it. But that's an issue that we should open to discussion: How do we help working parents get aid towards the costs of after-care or summer camp? This is where the government can step in and help answer questions.

Watch my full discussion on ending the school year at Memorial Day above.

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