The Boy Scouts of America, after a two year review reaffirmed its policy excluding gays, citing parents as a key reason. 

I genuinely feel sorry for the children who were born to these people. How can they grow up with an open mind when they are being closed off to a part of society which exists whether their parents like it or not? How sad that these children get to start out life with the prejudice of their parents in an organization that’s supposed to pride themselves about being trustworthy?


The Scouts Chief Executive Bob Mazzuca says “The vast majority of  the parents of youth we serve value their right to address issues of same sex orientation within their family with spiritual advisors and at the appropriate time and in the right setting”


Since there are gay people everywhere of all ages, including some spiritual advisors (see recent headlines) when exactly is that time?

Why is it wrong for the Boy Scouts of America to know that gay people are trustworthy too? What if they have gay friends in school? From what I understand you’re born gay, they’re not going to talk you into it. How does your child explain to them that they belong to a club that they are not welcome in? How do you as a parent explain it to your child? Maybe wait for the appropriate time and address it with your spiritual advisor.