"Ugh. Mosquitoes 'like' me!"

Whenever I heard this I always thought it was just people being dramatic. I always figured mosquito bites were just random, bad luck of the draw. Turns out I'm wrong. Mosquitoes really do go after some people much more than others. Here's why.

There are 346 chemicals involved in the scent of human hands. 277 of those can attract mosquitoes. Major in this mix is l-lactic acid. The more your have, the more mosquitoes will swarm you. When it comes to malarial mosquitoes, not a big problem in the U.S. luckily, bacteria in the foot can attract the little vampires.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to everyone at barbecues I ever mentally rolled my eyes at when I've heard them say mosquitoes 'like' them. To read more about why people are pincushions check out this article.