Governor Christie continues to be angry, after Jersey democrats rejected his tax cut plan - and put forth an tentative tax reduction proposal that can't kick in until at least next year.

During his latest town hall meeting in Mahwah, Christie said he's always felt his 10 percent income tax idea was better than cutting property taxes 10 percent - but he agreed to follow the plan put forth by the state senate leadership.

"In the spirit of compromise I extended my hand that way - and you know what happened this week? They slapped my hand right back…They acted like Washington politicians - we all know what's happening right now in Washington - it's disgraceful- both parties- they don't talk with each other, they talk at each other."

He says, "They've decided that partisan politics is more important than your personal interests - that partisan politics is more important than what the public has a right to…We do have 2 very different principals on this and maybe they can't be resolved- maybe they have to be resolved by all of you in the next election."

Christie says his principal is "that New Jersey is the most over-taxed state in America - that we have the highest property tax in America and rank very high in almost every other tax - and it just seems to me…we've all sacrificed these past 2 and a half years…so when we've made these sacrifices - it's time, once we start to feel the comeback of our state happening- and we can feel it - then it is time for us to make sure you get some of your money back - I believe you know how to spend your money better than Trenton does."

He adds, "You've seen over and over again that I've been willing to work with democrats - when democrats are willing to be reasonable and compromise I've done it over and over and over again…but on this one they're asking me to compromise my principals - they're saying I should raise taxes on the most over-taxed people in America - I won't - they're saying we should keep money in Trenton that we don't need - that could be better spent and saved by you and your families- I won't compromise on that…this is where I draw the line"

Courtesy Governor's Office