If nothing else, Gov. Chris Christie has a talent for bringing people together.

That's exactly what happened today when Senate Majority Leader, Loretta Weinberg called in to the show to discuss Christie's attempt to raid New Jersey's largest health insurer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, to the tune of $300 million from their reserve funds.  The money would be allocated to a state fund to pay for drug-addiction treatment for the poor.

"Horizon has to have what some people call 'surplus,' a given amount of money, which sounds like a large amount of money but it's put there so that when their policy holders, when you or I, put in a claim because we have to go to the doctor or we've been in an accident or in the hospital, the money is there to pay a claim," Weinberg explained.

The governor's plan was to ask the senate to pass legislature to get his hands on that money.

While Senator Weinberg stated that she wasn't going to even attempt to understand Christie's motives for attempting to move forward with this plan, she did note that she thought it would be "illegal," and that she didn't think legislature of this nature would stand up in court.

I asked Senator Weinberg if she thought that Christie would get away with raiding Horizon for $300 million to which Weinberg replied "No, I don't." Weinberg cited no will in the legislature for it, as well as grass roots groups across the spectrum being strongly opposed to the plan as well.

Senator Weinberg did mention the one other time she was on air here on NJ101.5, was when she called in as "Loretta from Teaneck," during the "Ask the Governor" program. If you never heard that exchange between Sen. Weinberg and Gov. Christie, you can listen in the clip below.

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