By Jeff Deminski

New Jersey hospitals are in the middle of a critical blood supply shortage. Marie Forrestal, director of donor recruitment and retention for New Jersey Blood Services says, “We have less than a one day supply of O negative. We consider a seven to ten day supply to be adequate.” There is also a shortage of A positive, A negative, and B negative as well but since any patient can receive type O in an emergency that is by far the most critical.

I’ve donated blood several times always through the Red Cross. Now, I don’t know about you, but the reason I ended up not donating more often is the near stalking this organization does once you’ve donated. The phone calls never seemed to end, telling me exactly what day I should next show up, as if it were some pre-set appointment, to donate next. They are so overly aggressive and the calls so frequent in my experience I felt like their policy was my blood was no longer my own. I have donated probably 5 or 6 times but just don’t want to be one of those every two month donors. Why isn’t that good enough considering most people don’t ever donate?

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