As New Jersey's roads return to normal, there are some roads and parking lots that haven't been touched.

Union Township residents complained on the Township Facebook page about the lack of snow removal.

"I understand that we got lots of snow. When my street finally got plowed at 5 a.m. today, he just plowed the MIDDLE of the road," commented Joe Ferreira. "My cars are in driveway for a reason so please plow up to the curbside edge. No reason for me to shovel 12 feet of snow on the STREET in order for me to leave my driveway."

Mayor Manuel Figueiredo in a video message posted to the page and empathized with frustrated residents.

"Rest assured that the workers have been working hard since Friday," Figueiredo said. "We are committed to cleaning these streets no matter what it takes. But we ask you to be patients with our workers" and to treat them with respect.  He said that cars parked on the streets are slowing down operations.

Is your road or development buried by snow? Send us pictures @NJ1015 on Twitter or Instagram

Lakewood Mayor Menache Miller and Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein, in a video posted to Lakewood Scoop, blamed "poor planning" by their department of public works for delaying the clearing of roads, and took to directing private contractors on snow covered streets. While acknowledging the enormity of the storm, Lichtenstein said an apology is due for residents of roads that had not been touched yet.

Lichtenstein said that during the storm and he saw nearly 40 percent of the DPW's equipment sitting idle and promised an investigation in to how the department prepared for the blizzard.

Residents of apartment and condo complexes reached out to New Jersey 101.5 to voice their frustrations.

A resident of an apartment complex in Plainsboro said his lot was not cleared as of Monday morning, while a a resident of a townhouse complex in Somerset send a picture showing cars stuck behind mounds of snow.

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