College can be a tough time for young people trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do. It's been a challenging time for all of us through the generations.

So why now are we seeing such an uptick in numbers of college students here and around the country seeking help with mental health issues?

I'll tell you why. Too much thinking and not enough sweating!

Young people today are far less physically active or have physically demanding jobs or tasks than in years past. They have more leisure time to dwell on their "issues." More of their communication is done indirectly through electronic devices and more of their self image is dependent on social media platforms. All of this is unnatural and unhealthy.

I don't have a doctorate degree is psychology, but it doesn't take one to see what an unhealthy turn society has taken when it comes to personal interaction and typical behavior for people of this age group. It doesn't help either that the family dynamic has changed or disintegrated before our eyes.

When I lived on my own in New England at 20 or 21, I'd reach out to my parents or brother if I had a "problem" to discuss. Does anyone do that anymore? No, contact a therapist and tell a stranger with a degree on the wall what's going on and make sure you get a "professional" opinion and diagnosis.

There was no better "professional" opinion to help me any better than mom or dad's... ok usually mom. Here's my prescription to help you get out of your funk. Join a pickup basketball game or chase some girl/guy way out of your league.

Trust me, the sweating will do you good!

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