My daughter lives in Forth Worth, Texas and this past weekend drove to New Mexico with friends to go off in a hot air balloon. I know, some life right?!

Driving back as they passed through Amarillo TX, they stopped at the Cadillac Ranch. It's an art installation consisting of 10 Cadillacs of various year models buried nose first in the ground spaced several yards apart.

People are allowed and encouraged to paint anything they want on the cars when they visit. Can you imagine something like that her in Jersey? No!

Here's a list why you couldn't do that in New Jersey.

  • The state DEP would have not allow you to pollute the ground.

Fluids could leak into the ground and poison the water!

  • The NJ MVC would fine you for the unregistered vehicles on you

Did you ever try to keep an old car without plates in your driveway? I rest my case.

  • Your town would cite you for defacing property.

B-b-b-ut it's my property. Shut up and pay the fine!

  • With our high property taxes who could waste the land on art?

The state will fund art projects with your money...shut up and pay your taxes!

  • It's free!

No explanation needed here.

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