Do you have a doppelganger somewhere in Hollywood? I found out a good friend of mine is working as a stunt double for the actor Ryan Hurst on a new project. You might know Ryan as Opie on Sons Of Anarchy. I compared these pics and while my friend Jay Adams is not a dead ringer, there's a pretty darn good likeness. I can see why he'd be a perfect stunt double!

Check out the side by side below.

Left: Jay Adams photo/Right: Ryan Hurst, photo credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

So I thought for fun, let us know who you're told you look like. If you'd like to be included in a picture gallery here on our webpage, send us a picture of yourself and what famous person you resemble. If we get enough good ones we'll even put up a $50 prize for best celebrity lookalike.

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