I'm not complaining, but this was too funny to not share. After the last three years of getting by, a short sale on a house with an upside down mortgage in the middle of a divorce, at a time when I was out of work, and three years of alimony, I've made no secret of the fact that times have been not the easiest.

Well today a poor gas station attendant was either confused or irritated, maybe both, when I asked for only ten dollars worth of gas. It wasn't the amount. It was the fact that four of the ten dollars was all in change. It was my last ten dollars before payday this Wednesday except for the remaining money in the cupholder of my car shown in the picture. I handed him 6 singles then four dollars worth of change. I tried of course to make it mostly quarters, but there were dimes and nickels in there as well. Even though I apologized appropriately he looked either like he wanted to wring my neck or like he was just plain confused. Let's just say English was not his first language so that may have made it worse. I think in the end in didn't bother counting all of it; just shoved it in a pocket. Hey, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.