Monday, another piece of legislation landed on Gov. Christie's desk for his signature. It was passed by the Senate in a 30 to 9 vote. It passed the Assembly last month by a vote of 49-19. If the governor signs it, prospective employers could no longer ask you in the hiring process how much you earned in your past jobs.

State Sen. Nia Gill says, "Employers should base hiring salaries on a candidate's qualifications and the value of the position to the company, not on the wages earned at past jobs. This is a practice that allows businesses to hire at the lowest possible salary and perpetuates the pay disparities that exist for women and minorities, often beginning early in their careers."

When this first got rolling, I thought to myself hey, just be crafty on the other side of the desk and counter with, "Well I certainly wasn't paid enough to keep me there or I wouldn't be interviewing with you. But what matters is where I'm going next and you know what your budget allows for the position you have open, not me."

Then I heard from so many listeners about how much of the hiring process starts online these days, and that this question often pops up and won't let you leave it blank. That got me thinking perhaps this is a necessary law after all. So you tell us, have you come up against this? Are we at the point that this sneaky question is routinely asked either in an in person interview or even worse, online before it can even get to that point? Take our poll below.

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