Sunday must have been a really slow news day because the big story for many news outlets in New Jersey was whether or not Gov. Chris Christie spoke too loudly in the “quiet car" on an Amtrak train.

Gov. Chris Christie (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

As someone who lives in New Jersey and writes about New Jersey, I ask “Really, is this all you got? Who really cares if the governor spoke in the quiet car? I didn’t even know that they had a quiet car. I wonder if he ever talked in school and got sent to the principal’s office. Maybe he even talked in a library.

But now that we know there is a quiet car, if you could send someone there to "sit down and shut up" who would you like to send? Would it be someone famous? Perhaps an annoying friend or relative? This could be the best idea since Bronx Tale’s “put him in the bathroom.”

Warning: The video below contains explicit language.