Saturday Night Live opened their show last week with Bobby Moynihan as Chris Christie throwing out Bruce Springsteen’s name as a possible vice presidential candidate for Donald Trump.

Of course, Bruce wouldn’t be the first celebrity to run for office. Clint Eastwood was once the mayor of Mt. Carmel, California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Governor of the Golden state and then there's Ronald Reagan who, of course, went on to become President.

When you listen to Bruce’s music as well as his long winded political speeches at his concerts, you would think that it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

But then can you imagine the frustration of a suit wearing Springsteen living in a political world where dreams often go to die? Bruce may say that he was “Born to Run” but he was really born to rock and always will be.

Just for the sake of playing along here, if you were going to choose a New Jersey singer, Jon Bon Jovi wouldn’t be a bad idea. He already seems to be transitioning out of rock star. He let his hair go gray, he's wearing a lot more suits, tried to buy the Buffalo Bills, and constantly works to help the hungry.

Bon Jovi would be much more comfortable in the role of playing politics than Springsteen. Bon Jovi has hosted fundraisers for Hillary Clinton, yet gave permission for Governor Christie to use his music during his presidential campaign telling Billboard “my friendships are apolitical.

Not for nothing, but imagine what Bon Jovi as VP would do for the female vote?

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