The tragic death of actor Ron Palillo who played Arnold Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter led to the topic of the best tv character ever. Poor Horshack, no one picked him, but here’s the list our listeners came up with as their favorite all time television characters.

Archie Bunker (All In The Family)

Jim Ignatowski (Taxi)

Ralph Kramden (Honeymooners)

Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy)

Barney Fife (Andy Griffith Show)

Gilligan (Gilligan’s Island)

Niles Crane (of Frasier…Niles Crane? Really. Really?)

The Fonz (Happy Days)

Rob Petrie (The Dick Van Dyke Show)

Hawkeye Pierce (M.A.S.H.)

Dr. House (House)

Oscar Madison (The Odd Couple)

Al Bundy (Married With Children)

Cliff Huxtable (The Cosby Show)

Fred Sanford (Sanford and Son)

Dr. Johnny Fever (WKRP In Cincinnati)

What were some of your favorite television characters? Keep the list going by commenting below.