If you had to guess: Who spends more on pizza, Chris Christie or Hillary Clinton — you'd probably be wrong.

The only thing more notorious among late-night comics and cruel Internet commenters than Christie's larger-than-life personality is his larger-than-average waist size. But he doesn't come anywhere near the top of Gawker's breakdown of how much each presidential campaign has spent on pizza.

(Why Gawker felt compelled to go through each campaign's expenditures looking for pizza purchase, we're not sure — but someone's got to do the meaningful journalistic work.)

In fact, from April through June of last year, the Christie camp didn't spend a dime on pizza (but then again, he didn't announce his campaign until the end of June). From July through October, just $32.29.

It's after October that things pick up, with $1,494.95 spent through December in just five purchases — including $725.35 at New Hampshire's Grand Slam Pizza.

"It's nice to be surprised, people," Gawker writes.

All in all, the Christie camp spent $1,527 on pizza since April — more than John Kasich ($69), Marco Rubio ($293) or Donald Trump ($1,233), the latter of whom infamously eats his pizza with a fork and knife (which is heresy for a guy who owns property in New Jersey). Carly Fiorina didn't order a single slice or pie, according to Gawker.

That puts Christie in seventh place out of 11 candidates, when it comes to penchants for pizza.

And in first? The (considerable) Clinton camp, with $9,046 spent on pizza since April.

That's a lot dough, Hillary.

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