Actress Julia Roberts was named the 2017 Most Beautiful Woman by People Magazine, her fifth time receiving the accolade.

For both of us, we don't necessarily see it. Dennis is a big fan of Alice Eve while Judi mentioned Margot Robbie. We asked our listeners who they thought were the most beautiful people and these are the results (in no particular order).

  • 1

    Alexandra D'Addario

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  • 2

    Meghan Markle

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  • 3

    Catherine Zeta-Jones

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  • 4

    Olivia Wilde

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  • 5

    Salma Hayek

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  • 6

    Henrik Lundqvist

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  • 7

    Ashley Graham

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  • 8

    Daniel Craig

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  • 9

    Margot Robbie

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  • 10

    Alive Eve

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