My article on Leah Remini’s “leap from faith” brings to mind one of the best television sitcom wives ever.   Remini's character Carrie Heffernan wouldn’t put up with anything either and she was never afraid to speak her mind. I know this because I’m now watching “The King Of Queens” every night on TV Land. Carrie is definite one of my top ten sitcom wives.

Here are the others in no particular order. Which one do you like the best?

 Peg Bundy-

She had Al wrapped around her finger and no matter how much she topped him or how little he provided for her, you knew that she wasn’t going anywhere. And that goes for romance as well, She was so in love with Al that she was always dressing to attract him and in her mind she was always his high school sweetheart. I love the fact that they knew that what they had was so much more than what they didn’t..


Gloria Pritchett from Modern Family

(Have you SEEN Sophia Vegara?)

Barbara Eden-

How about a wife who could give you anything you want with the blink of an eye? A wife who dresses in a harem costume and calls you master? You in?  You chauvinist pig! ;)


Samantha Stevens-

Elizabeth Montgomery, like Jeanie could grant every wish, but like Major Nelson, Darren wouldn’t let her do it, not even Darren number 2 who she had no idea replaced Darren number 1.

Carol Brady-

Everyone who grew up in  the seventies wished at some point, probably after getting into trouble, that they could have had Carol Brady for a Mom, and I think she had the first female mullet.

Claire Huxtable-

Cosby could be as funny as he wants wit the kids but when it cam,e to laying down the law, she was the one to do it.

Debra Barrone-

Any woman who could spend her married life across the street from her in laws deserves at least a top ten mention

Edith Bunker-

She was the rock on which Archie built his life. She supported him through anything he did or said. She had a way of getting through to him that no one else could. She was the only TV wife to play a rape victim and gave so many a chance to speak out on so many things. If you grew up in any city in the seventies, you knew several like Edith Bunker, but not Edith Bunker

Jennifer Hart

Played by actress Stefanie Powers, how about a TV wife who helps her self-made -millionaire husband solve murders?

Who was your favorite TV Mom? Comment below.