Dennis and Judi mentioned Ruth Buzzi, the woman who played Gladys Ormphby in the classic Laugh In series on NBC in the 1960's. But there is an entire generation that has no idea who Ruth Buzzi is.

Gladys was rather homely looking and met up with a variety of people on a park bench in her sketches, usually ending with her beating someone up with her purse. After Laugh In ended in 1973, she played Fi on the Saturday morning show "Lost Saucer"  with Jim Nabors according to her profile on

She went on to make appearances in a number of TV shows and movies including Emergency,Medical Center, The Apple Dumpling Gang, The Smurfs, Trapper John M.D., Saved By The Bell, Major Dad, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Weird Al's "Gump" video and Sesame Street before her retirement in 2008.


According to her Twitter page, she is now "happily retired from showbiz; enjoying our cats, horses, cows, and the cowboy lifestyle in beautiful north Texas with my husband."