Just how hot is it in New Jersey? It’s so hot that people are hanging Shake N Bake Chicken bags on their hammock lines.  It’s so hot that as you sit outside on your nice comfortable deck with a ice cold cooler of your favorite beverage, you may drift off and start hallucinating.  You may imagine that you have a  drinking partner. They may not even be alive but to you they are so real.

What makes that person tick? Where do they get their influence from? Hey Bruce, did you "really find the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car?"

As you dream on, you finding yourself asking  the questions you always wanted to know about this person. Maybe you’d like to get the skinny on the budget from Governor Christie, (ok that pun was too easy ). Surely he wouldn’t call you an idiot on your own deck, drinking your cold one, would he?

Perhaps you could fantasize about Pt Pleasant native Kirsten Dunst? You could show her your “Spidey” powers.

You may choose a  family member, deceased relative, friend , the possibilities are endless, but if you could have a cold one with anyone in New Jersey, who would it be and what would you talk about?

As they say in the old country , “Salute.” Leave your choices here by commenting below.