Wednesday night, while Governor Christie was attacking Hillary and asking “Who cares about fantasy football?," the Mets were busy being crushed by the Kansas City Royals 7-1 in the World Series.

With the Governor just being able to make the debate and avoid the kids table and the Amazin’s down 2 games in the World Series, I ask you who do you think has the better chance of pulling out a victory?

The Governor according to some experts did well in the 3rd debate and it’s very possible that as some candidates drop out, Christie could pick up more popularity, especially if Donald Trump calls it a day, which is possible.

The Mets are coming home to Citifield and now need to win four out of the next five games. They have faced tougher pitching than the Royals have to offer. What united these two topics is the fact that Governor Christie is a die hard Mets fan.

What do you think is a more real possibility, Chris Christie winning the Republican nomination, or the Mets winning the World Series? What would you rather see happen?