Back in the day when Whitney Houston arrived on the music scene with her seven number one singles, grammy awards and her revolutionary style it was obvious to many that she was not a flash in the pan or a one hit wonder.  Unfortunately I was not one.  

At a time when I was spending tons of money as a mobile DJ keeping his collection fresh and I was trying to stretch my budget , I purchased the 45rpm for her single " You Give Good Love" .  It was terrific but I thought that would be it!  Well... that was a major mistake on my part.  Long story short I ended up buying at least five of her first singles on 45s, then I purchased her first album! Then a few of the 12 inch dance mixes then it was her followup album on vinyl and THEN came Compact Discs , all of them... AND THEN finally, all of the digital MP3's !!!!!!

So I guess it safe to say that I helped pay for her built-in pool at her old house in Mendham -the one with her initials (WH) painted at the bottom .

What a pure voice....what a damn shame.  Godspeed Whitney.