“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

Great line, from a great movie…”A Bronx Tale!”

And when I think of Whitney Houston, that’s the first thing that comes to mind… wasted talent!

Now according to press reports, a white powdery substance was found in her hotel room the night she died.

I don’t think that comes as a shock to anyone.

Her battles with drugs and alcohol were epic.

What will always be debated is whether she chose to go down that path, or was powerless to do anything about it.

On my show last night, we were talking about drugs like ecstasy and special k; and I heard from someone who called and said he was an addict.

That is until one day when he woke up and decided this wasn’t the life for him.

Whitney may have had that epiphany as well; but decided to take the easier way out.

Or maybe, as the Governor said after his decision to lower the flag in her honor, suffered from a disease.

One thing is for certain.

There was a spark (no pun intended) when for a brief moment just before she died and was poised for a comeback; she seemed to be willing to do the work to get back on track.

Her upcoming movie, “Sparkle”, is testament to that!

Sadder still is the line in the trailer that alludes to her having something right in her life!

Hence the question:

Do you feel Whitney was powerless over her addiction, or could have helped herself?

And if you ever were an addict, what was the turning point for you?