It seems like we are reading more and more about people falling asleep behind the wheel while driving. The latest being Maria Salazar’s award of $1.1 million after her car was struck by a sleeping truck driver on the Garden State Parkway, according to her lawyer.


As someone who has driven long hours on practically every road New Jersey has to offer, I can honestly say that it’s much harder to stay awake on a one-lane back road than it is on a major road like the Garden State Parkway or New Jersey Turnpike, especially if you have a car in front of you going about 5 miles slower that your comfortable speed. Many times , coming home from the Jersey shore, I’d find myself losing it on Rt. 539, especially the part between Rts. 70 and 528 where I seem to lose my cell phone reception as well.

What would you say are the toughest roads to stay awake on in New Jersey?