Yesterday, Deminski and Doyle posted a study about the smartest towns in New Jersey and asked you who you think is the smartest. The got some great responses.

Today, Dennis and Judi are asking you for the dumbest city in NJ. Which is way easier. Here's what you all are saying today. (And look out, Keansburg!)

Chris (and others) – Keansburg

Chris was the second person who chimed in for Keansburg on the air today. "There is nobody who is smart in Keansburg," she said. "They consider their boardwalk a boardwalk and it's not even near water."

Kimberly, on our Facebook page, piles on: "Keansburg definitely. I don't know if it's something in the water or what but have never once met an intelligent individual up there," she said.

Jeff – Trenton

"I say Trenton, because that's where all the frickin' politicians live," Jeff said.

James – Look to the Highways

Perhaps all the dumb people are distributed across New Jersey's highways. "Any major highway you happen to be on – that's where all the morons are," said James.

Kurt – Belford

As Kurt points out – Belford is right next to Keansburg.