Being a born and bred “Jersey guy” , when I read about the quality of life dropping in our state, I’m reminded of the many places I’ve lived here and the quality of my life while there.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images


I was born in Newark and grew up in Union City where I learned what it means to be part of something. I was part of my family, I was part of about sixty kids all within five years of each other that bonded as a family so much so that to this day we still treat each other like brothers and sisters. I was also part of an Italian-Hispanic neighborhood that taught me you were respected for who you were not what you owned. Those values I still hold high today and hope to pass along to my children.


I also lived in Marlboro where we had moved from a 5 room railroad room house with my grandmother living upstairs to a beautiful rancher with a swimming pool in the yard. It seemed to me it was more about what you had then who you were, but at that time I was also carrying a lot of baggage about leaving Union City.


My first apartment was in Old Bridge in a place called The Arcade Gardens, then the Country Club apartments in Eatontown which was close to the shore and a more laid back atmosphere. Then the American Way apartments in East Windsor and now I remain in the first house I ever bought in Roosevelt. It’s here that my wife and I raise our children in an environment unlike no others. We also own a house in Sea Isle City


Each of these places had a different quality of my life from growth to total contentment. I guess what I’m trying to say is that for me the quality of life in any town directly reflects the quality of your life when you lived there. What was the best place you ever lived in New Jersey and what made it so great?  I’d love to hear from you.