There’s no getting around the image we have around the country that, besides corrupt politicians, we’re noted for our unique mélange of smells.

Anyone passing by Interchange 13 on the Turnpike knows from what I say.
Ditto the meat processing plant by 15E.

Especially on a day laden with heat and oppressive humidity.

And they’re not just in that one stretch of the Turnpike.

It’s bad over Passaic County where residents are complaining being emitted by a printing press company.


“The smell is kind of like you’re standing behind a truck and it just turns on and the exhaust shoots right in your face,” resident James Kosior said.
“It’s like a horrible odor that goes through your nostrils and down into your throat,” Pat Picciano said.
“I get a severe headache. I can’t stay out. I have to go in the house ,” Irene Picciano added.

The smoke is produced when a massive printing press is in use at the KM Media Group, located in a nearby industrial park.

I could remember when I lived in Brooklyn, there would be times when a foul stench would linger in the air. The answer to that would always be, “oh, it must be Jersey!”

Apparently that’s what they’re saying in South Philadelphia as a stench resembling cat urine permeates the atmosphere and NJ is getting blamed.

"Most likely it's coming from New Jersey due to the wind direction," the office told Passyunk Post. They point to the new natural gas power plant, LS Power, in West Deptford — on the other side of the Delaware from South Philadelphia — as a potential source.
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection said the state could be to blame, according to the Post.

And the granddaddy of them all is being fought over in the courts regarding the Roxbury landfill – where a judgement's been handed down for the owner to pay $52,000 for odor problems.

So here we are in the midst of summer, and the smells linger over us like a warm blanket.

To borrow a phrase from the Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin", "….breathe deep the gathering gloom"…
or perhaps from former Governor Tom Kean: "New Jersey and Smells - Perfect Together!"