Jim was discussing the future of NBC anchor Brian Williams and what, if anything, he can  do to come back from having admitted that he By falsely claiming he had been in a helicopter hit by a grenade during the Iraq war, Williams' career may have "jumped the shark." Having to go on air and apologize for what essentially amounts to stolen valor, may be the beginning of the end for Williams as a respected news anchor.

If you were ever wondering where the heck that phrase "jump the shark" came from, we have the answer for you.

It started with an episode of 'Happy Days' where the gang traveled out to California. While in California Fonzie decided to pull off a stunt on water skis by jumping shark infested waters. After that episode, many fans said the tv show started to go downhill. Thus the phrase was coined "jumped the shark."

If you've never seen the episode, you can watch part of it in the clip below.