Is it really any suprise that we appear to have been misled over the reasoning behind those massive toll hikes for Port Authority commuters?

This past summer, we were told by Governor Christie and New York Governor Cuomo the toll hikes were needed to pay for the World Trade Center rebuilding project. This morning we know that's not true.

In legal filings in November, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said none of the money from the toll increases will be used for the World Trade Center but will instead be used for the agency's Interstate Transportation Network that includes bridges, bus terminals and other transportation buildings.

If that is true, then why is another round of toll hikes scheduled for next year? Those were the ones that were supposed to pay for road and bridge repair.

We have not heard a peep from Christie or Cuomo on this, so far.

The Port Authority has been a mess for decades, a deep patronage pit for political hacks and hangers on who have abused the taxpayers for far too long. This latest farce is further evidence the agency may be beyond repair. As is often the case, it is taxpayers who will continue to pay the price.