Last year we went to Menlo Park Mall, and Santa was in rare form. My son Jack handed him a wish list and Santa read it out loud ... Lego Ninjago, Rock Em Sock Em Robots, then as a prank he added, "And a Barbie!" My son looked puzzled and craned his neck to see if he had actually somehow written that and Santa bust out laughing in a very convincing, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

This year we met up with Santa at Schaefer Farms in Flemington. Looks-wise, Santa was too legit to quit, real beard and all. The picture is of this year's visit. They also had a very cool drive through light display where illuminated reindeer jump right over your car.

It can be very frustrating for parents to have a bad Santa experience, like the time Doyle brought his son to see Santa and it turned out to be a woman. So help other parents out this year.

In the comment section below please tell us where you found an exceptional Santa this year.