Finding sweet serenity at the Jersey Shore isn’t always easy. Heading to the beach these days often means dealing with endless traffic and huge crowds. Once quiet shore towns are now flooded with out-of-towners, shops, restaurants (not to parking!).  While it’s great that the Jersey Shore is so popular in terms of summer tourism, struggling just to find a spot on the sand can be very annoying to locals. Although lots of fun, this crowded type of scene has become synonymous with towns like Wildwood, Atlantic City, Seaside, Asbury Park, and Point Pleasant.

Luckily not every beach in New Jersey is over-crowded. If your version of a day "down the shore” means peace and relaxation, you don’t necessarily have to head south or book a flight to a deserted island to get away. In fact, there are still shore towns right here in New Jersey where the only thing you’ll hear is the beautiful sound of the ocean waves crashing and occasionally, a family or two may pass by.

We asked our fellow Townsquare New Jerseyans what their favorite quiet beaches are and we got some great feedback. Some of the towns mentioned were Strathmere, Avon by the Sea, Spring Lake, Longport and Sea Girt. However, we thought the only fair way to come up with a list of the quietest, most peaceful beaches in the state of New Jersey was to ask you, the most honest New Jersey residents who know the true meaning of “local” more than any other state in the nation.

So tell us below in the comments, what is the quietest, most peaceful and relaxing New Jersey beach?