Governor Christie, who has been a vocal supporter of Mitt Romney for months, is making plans to campaign for the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee all over the country this summer and fall - but Legislative democrats want to get advanced word if and when Christie intends to go out-of-state.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg is sponsoring a bill that would require the Governor to notify Legislative leaders - in writing, one day in advance - if he intends to leave the Garden state.

She says "it doesn't regulate when and where he can go, and how often- it just requires that the actual devolution of power to someone else- people are informed about it…there's been some question early on about the Governor leaving the state and not informing people generally -whether it was travel that he wanted to keep under the preverbal radar screen - or not - I don't know what his reasons were…this was just a kind of simple way of saying - hey Governor, when someone else is going to be the Acting Governor, our Senate President and our Speaker have a right to know that."

Weinberg says if Christie wants to go out of New Jersey that is his privilege- but if he goes on "just a purely political junket, that day's salary that he earns as Governor of New Jersey should be turned back over to the general fund while we're trying to balance our budget…I understand that whenever he travels- even on the political junket- he needs security and those things that go to make sure he's protected - those are expenses that are a part of it…but he should be turning that little portion of his salary back to the general fund - I think that would be a nice step."

She adds the legislation was first proposed because "there was an issue about our leadership actually not knowing he was out of state…the Senate President and the Assembly Speaker should know that if there's some emergency, and need to reach the Governor, it's not Governor Christie today…we're not putting an ankle bracelet on him- we're not demanding that he sign in and sign out - you know, like he's in a dormitory…just that he notify the House and Senate leadership -in writing - so that they know who the acting Governor is.'