Anyone who listens to the show may know that my daughter moved to Texas a while back. I took a trip down there this weekend, and hit many popular spots, as well as a few you may not know.

I spent most of my time this weekend in Fort Worth, TX visiting my daughter. Fort Worth is the home to the famous "stockyards", where actual longhorn steers come down the street every day. This weekend it was also host to a gay pride festival and we found ourselves in the middle of it.

There's also a very popular reality show on HGTV called 'Fixer Upper'. The hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines have viewers all over the country falling in love with them and flocking to their hometown of Waco, TX.  I took a ride there this weekend like every other TV groupie in America to check it out.

To see everywhere in the Lone Star State that I checked off my bucket list this weekend, watch the video above.

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