I always feel the need to explain my absences from work, and these past couple of days are no exception.

My medical annus horribilus continues with attention being focused on my kidneys. As you may recall, the chemotherapy I had for my cancer damaged my kidneys and that damage continues. One of the functions your kidneys provide is regulating potassium in your blood stream. My kidneys are not doing that very well, which results in debilitating muscle cramps in my legs, arms, back, and neck.

I was given a prescription for potassium (Klor-Con), which is supposed to help, but so far it has only gotten marginally better. It’s tough to sleep and I am a little paranoid about getting a terrible cramp while driving so I didn’t come in Monday, and yesterday, my nephrologist ordered a renal ultrasound to check for damage.

Things are better today, so hopefully I won’t miss any more work because of it.

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