Michael E. Foster, President of the NJ Wireless Association, spoke with Jim this morning to discuss the concern over state of NJ system and emergency response trust fund account.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

For every cell phone and land line in NJ,  90 cents per bill, per month is used to fund the NJ 911 dispatch centers and enhance the system to the next generation of technology. Problem is, currently, you cannot send a text or a photo to the 911 centers because that 'next generation' technology is not set up yet.

Here's where it gets really interesting. Only 11% of the total funds collected has gone to the 911 system. The majority of that 11% have gone to the state 911 emergency system, not the 21 counties across NJ.

The counties have committed over $200 million in upgrades to their local emergency management systems and the citizens are going to wind up getting taxed twice. Once through the phone tax listed above and then secondly on the local bond referendums being voted on to fund these projects.

You can listen to Jim's interview with Michael E. Foster and the explanation of the 911 Fund in the audio player below.

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