Currently there are 2 separate discussions going on in NJ regarding reforms to the Driving Under the Influence laws.

One reform would increase the penalties for repeat DUI offenders. Criminal penalties would be set up for a second or any subsequent violation that occurs within 60 days of the first offense. The driver's license would be suspended immediately. This plan was sparked  by Anderson Sototmayor, a Vineland man who was charged with five DUI's, all within a five-week period.

The second plan would actually assist convicted offenders. The measure would allow those who have been convicted of DUI, a restricted driving permit that would allow them the ability to drive to and from work. The bill, although it has been delayed, would only allow those convicted to drive to their employment or to the place where they are trying to gain employment. Drivers under this measure would also would have to display a sign on their vehicle reading “restricted use vehicle.”

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