The first Monday in December brought about another edition of "Where Are You Now?" on the Dennis and Judi Show. They started off the week like they always do by taking the pulse of the world and asking listeners..."Where are you now?"

Carrie called in to say she was on her way to drop off gifts for NJ 101.5's Family Adoption.  Lisa called in while driving on the Parkway to her college class. Lisa is 46 and will finally be graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Accounting.

Later in the hour, Billy (a friend of Judi's from Monmouth University) called in to say hello.  Meanwhile, Lona was on her way to Chester to meet with a friend to discuss a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Vinnie in Hazlet, the axis from which the rest of the hour turns, provided his weekly "Where are you now?" call from his driveway.   The hour concluded with a call from Joe in Lakewood who shares a mutual friend with Judi and called in before he had to go into work.

As always, call in next Monday to tell Dennis and Judi where you are now!