A lot of people had off of school or work today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which gave listeners the chance to call into the Dennis and Judi Show and tell everyone where they are now.  Dennis and Judi took calls from listeners this morning, as they usually do on a Monday morning, and asked people...Where Are You Now?

Vinnie gave his weekly call in from his driveway in Hazlet during "Where Are You Now?" to check in with Dennis and Judi.  This week also featured a number of calls from listeners who were traveling. Some were going to work and others were leaving the state.

Barbara was calling while on her way to Philadelphia to meet up with some old co-workers. Tom was on route 78 and was working. Tom's job is not one you hear about every day.  He was hauling poop.

Susan was also on her way to work, only her job is a little different. Susan is a hairdresser and was expecting a lot of clients this Monday with most people being off of work.

Dennis and Judi also got a call from a listener named Robin who was on her way to Delaware. She too was on her way to work. Robin works in the casinos in Delaware.

If you want to participate in "Where Are You Now?", you can give Dennis and Judi a call  Monday morning during the 10am hour.  Or, you can just listen in and find out what everyone else in New Jersey is doing, during "Where Are You Now?".