"Where are you now?" is a great way to set the tone for the week and Dennis and Judi started the show off this week  like they do every Monday morning.  Dennis and Judi asked callers..Where are you now?

Listeners called in from all over New Jersey, starting with Chris in Woodbridge, who was delivering flowers for a Floral company.  Jamie called from Neshanic Station. Jamie was driving into work after going to watch her daughter sing Thanksgiving songs with the rest of her class.

Joanne called while driving on the Parkway to take her father out to lunch.  Her dad is going to be 94 and still lives by himself!  Meanwhile, Kelly called from Warren.  Kelly recovered from a brain tumor and is a medical miracle!  Despite not producing hormones for the last 15 years, Kelly has a daughter and they are in medical journals.

Joel, originally from Texas, called into the Dennis and Judi Show while delivering auto parts in New Jersey.  Fran also called in and told Dennis and Judi he saved his marriage by covering his pool this morning.  His wife was going to divorce him if he didn't finally put the pool cover on.

Ron was the last caller of the hour.  He called in to say he was finishing a push present. Ron is a goldsmith and he was setting the diamonds on a present being given to a woman giving birth to a baby girl.

Be sure to call in next Monday to tell Dennis and Judi where you are now!