Once again, Dennis and Judi took the pulse of the nation and asked New Jersey 101.5 listeners where they are now and what they are doing.  As usual, there were a number of interesting calls from listeners who were spending their Monday morning partaking in various activities.

Stephanie called in from her car on Rt. 287. She was on her way to work, where she works for a bankruptcy and divorce lawyer.  Shana also was on her way to work. She called in to say she was jealous of her husband who got to stay home from work today and spend time with their 4-month-old daughter.

Dennis and Judi also got a call from the "listener of the year", Heather, who wrote a poem about Dennis and Judi.  Vinnie from Hazlet called in with his weekly "Where Are You Now?" update.  Lastly, Jill called from Clinton. She was working from home as an online investigator.  She is hired by high profile clients who pay her to find them online and remove their information from the internet.

Next Monday morning Dennis and Judi will once again be asking, "Where Are You Now?".  Wherever you are, be sure to call into the show and share where you are now.