When you're in a sitdown restaurant with table service, everyone knows the rules. 15% tip if you're old school, 20% tip if you've adjusted to the 'new normal.' What, though, are the rules when sending out for a pizza or Chinese? The guy brings it right to your door but does etiquette dictate you do the same 15-20? No, not considering he won't be there to wait on you your entire meal. So what is the tip? Is 5% okay? No, it's not. Not according to the Emily Post Institute which recommends 10% to 15%.

Then where in the U.S. are the best and worst tippers for home food delivery? GrubHub is a food delivery service that analyzed their own company's transactions for an entire year and this is what they found. America on average tips 14.1%, right in line with the recommendation. The states that tip the least are Illinois, 13.6%, Nevada, 13.6%, and Arkansas, 13.7%. The states that are the most generous to the delivery guy are South Carolina, 16.1%, New Hampshire, 16.0%, and 15.7%. (With Colorado's legalization of marijuana leading to more munchies this must be good news for a Denver pizza dude).