The weekend forecast worked out perfectly temperature wise.  I said low 90's Saturday, and that happened.  I also said 85 to 90 for Sunday and it reached 90 in Newark and Mount Holly.

Today we start off with some showers, and there may be an isolated thunderstorm this morning.  Showers should taper off or possibly even end in parts of Central and North Western New Jersey this afternoon.  Showers will end at the latest in early evening in southern and coastal counties.

Since temperatures are very mild to start with this morning, we could have some upper 70's or low 80's if we get some late partial clearing.

Skies should be partly to mostly clear tonight and cooler, low temperatures falling into the 50's, probably low 60's along the south coast.

Lots of sunshine on Tuesday.  Highs in the upper 70's, perhaps near 80 in some areas.

Wednesday looks good from here as well.