I'm what you would call a coffee addict. On average, I only buy two cups of coffee a day, which seems like a small amount for an addict, but if I don't get the exact same amount of caffeine on a day-in day-out basis, I get a headache and a bad mood.

I don't discriminate. It can be from any chain, a mom and pop deli or home brewed. It can also be either hot or iced coffee. The question is though, when should I make the change to iced after going with hot coffee all winter? As I type this, I'm sweating bullets after finishing an extra large hot coffee. It's about 78 degrees outside right now and I feel that I made the wrong purchase. But it's only March. The weather is still subject to change every day. For example, it's supposed to be cold and rainy this weekend.

Should I make the switch this week to iced coffee? Should I wait until May when it will be a lot warmer consistently? Should I play it by ear every day? Or, should I stick with one all year round? Let me know by taking the poll below.