It's Wednesday morning and I'm more than a little tired. I tried to stay up for it. I did my best to follow the coverage and wanted to be there in front of the tv for the moment of truth. In the end I failed.

I followed it all night starting at 8 pm. I flipped from CNN to NBC to CBS to ABC. I knew when Florida went to Trump it was all but over. But I wanted to be there to actually see history be made and not just read about it in the morning. I have to get up at 6:30 am, so once it was after 2 am and the remaining states were still not being called and Trump was stalled at 244 electoral votes, I knew I had to call it quits.

Before I go on, can I just say that it seemed to me there was a media bias in not calling the election sooner? I understand you have to slice and dice these states right down to individual precincts and Republican vs. Democratic strongholds, but when Pennsylvania had 97% of the vote in and Donald Trump was ahead of Hillary Clinton by 74,622 votes and they still would not project Trump the winner of Pennsylvania, I smelled a biased rat. To me it was as if this was one patient the media simply refused to pronounce dead long after it was obvious.

Anyway, I went to be at 2:10 am. I regret that now as I learned the election was called shortly after 2:30 am. How did I found out for sure what I already knew? My baby woke me at 3:33 am, I'll always remember that time, and I looked at CNN on my phone to see the words TRUMP WINS. So I missed it. I kick myself.

How about you? Did you hang in there and see it happen live? Or did you find out in the morning? Please answer our poll question so I know how many caved in like me.

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