When former Rutgers standout Eric LeGrand tweeted a playful message to Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, we doubt he expected the response he received.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Eric LeGrand tweeted "Want to Race Me" and Jones responded with "get checked for a concussion, clearly u've been hit in the head...cos u aren't beating a track athlete."

Surprisingly, after Jones, who had no idea who LeGrand was, found out that he was a quadrapalegic, she wasn't remorseful and instead mentioned how much hate mail she was probably going to receive over it. LeGrand said that he did not take anything personal and understood.

Lolo responded by saying "Thx. Getting trashed by tons of ppl glad ur not one of em."

So what's your take? Do you think Lolo should have been apologetic? Or because she had no idea who LeGrand was, does she get a pass?