The military and war have always been a part of television.

When I was a child growing up in the 60s, just 20 years after World War II, the allies and the enemies were just as black and white as the color of the shows. 'Combat!' and 'The Rat Patrol' both made it clear that Americans were the good guys, and that the Germans and Japanese were the bad guys.

Combat!, YouTube
The Rat Patrol, YouTube

Shows like 'McHale’s Navy' and 'Hogan’s Heroes' made the US Soldiers out to be bumbling idiots, but as the good guys, they always came out on top.

Hogans Heroes, YouTube
McHale's Navy, YouTube

When color TV came around, it not only brought in a great picture, but shades of gray as to who really were the good guys and bad guys, and the idea that war is hell for both sides.

'MASH' was the first show to take that illustration a step further by having a main character killed off. You still cry for Henry Blake even when you watch the reruns.

M*A*S*H, YouTube

In today’s politically correct world, you probably couldn’t air those classic TV shows. But whenever they’re on, I still love to watch them.

Today’s show’s are much more realistic and much less offensive.

What is your all time favorite military TV show? Comment below.